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Completed Projects

Cockroach Treatment

We completed a treatment job for a restaurant infested with German Cockroach. Despite previously using many other pest-control services, infestation was still high. To fix the problem, we had to be more thorough. We killed 90% of the pests with an approved aerosol before applying another product. Upon our free follow up, there was not a roach in site. With an effective solution, we saved the client from paying monthly treatments.

Termite Treatment

We did a termite inspection to an old timber clad house that had previous termite damage. It did not take long to find active termites. We did not find much on the first inspection, but years of experience told us to look at the inside of the house. There were active termites eating the wooden carpet strip fitted to hold the carpet down. Using the recommended non-toxic treatment the entire colony had been killed.

Fogging Treatment

We treated a warehouse that had a spider and moth problem. The client had previously used other pest control companies using ULV sprayers. We did a fogging treatment instead which put out a high volume of dense Pyrethrin, Piperonyl and Hydrocarbon fog. After taking the necessary precautions and doing the treatment after hours, it was a complete success. No more spiders or moths, or any other flying insects.

Rodent Treatment

We were called to do a rodent baiting in a house that had a history of rats in the roof. On inspection to the outside of the house, we established possible entry points and on entering the roof void, this was confirmed.  There was evidence of a high population of rats; the area was baited. The client was advised to trim the trees  in contact with the house and to block the holes to deny the rodents entry to the roof. Upon return inspection the client was happy and no longer heard any rodent activity on the roof.

"Pete did an excellent job at my property. I was heavily pregnant and he went above and beyond to ensure all our spiders were treated whilst being extra cautious as I was pregnant.  He is very efficient & trustworthy and I will definitely be using  him again."

Bullsbrook, WA

Frankie B.

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Xoto has built customer loyalty and trust by protecting homes and businesses with innovative technology and customized pest management solutions. So if you want your home pest-FREE, choose Xoto.

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We offer a wide range of pest control services. Enquire now to know how we can help. 

We value your trust

At Xoto, we prioritize your safety. All of our exterminators are certified and we stay up-to-date with the latest pest management techniques. 


Pest Control

Our customized pest control solutions focus on monitoring, prevention and maintenance. Our specialists understand your specific pest issues.

Rodent Control

When you have a rodent problem, it’s best to enlist the help of the experts at Xoto. We will take the proper steps to keep your home rodent-free.

Other Services

​In addition to helping prevent termites and rodents from attacking your home, Xoto also provides protection against other pest problems. 

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