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Whether it is your home or your business, we know you only want the best for your termite control needs. Termite control is most effective when done by experienced and professionally trained technicians. As a proven establishment in the pest control industry, XOTO provides termite control solutions designed to suit the customers needs. Over the years, many homeowners and companies have trusted XOTO to take care of their termite problems. 


Having cockroaches in your home can be very distressing. They are known to carry contagious diseases. In addition to health risks, cockroaches produce an unpleasant odour that contaminates food and objects. They are very resistant to chemicals and can reproduce quickly. Therefore, at the first sign of infestation, it is vital to control the cockroaches on your property and stop the pest from spreading. Our experienced and professionally trained service technicians can help you solve this.

Rodent Control

Rodents are the largest group of mammals that are diverse in terms of size and habitat. But some species are more common intruders in the human environment than others.  Rodents cause damage to home structures and contaminate food. Many of them are also carriers of a wide variety of diseases. The best way to get rid of a rodent problem is to contact a pest control professional.  

Aside from the services listed below, we also treat all other pests related to this industry including: spiders, ants, flys, fleas, moths, slaters, millipedes, caterpillars, wood borers, feral pigeons and rabbits, as well as mosquito and midge fogging treatments for city councils.

We also offer Termite inspections to buildings and properties and specialise in pre-purchase inspections. All these services come with a detailed report, including photos of problems of concern. These reports will be emailed or posted to you.


If you have any other pest not included contact us and we will find a solution. 


At Xoto, we try to remove bees without pesticides although sometimes this is not possible. We believe in saving our future by making sure that environmentally friendly bee removal techniques are used. We also take care to contain the honeybees and relocate them to a place where they can freely pollinate crops and orchards. Bees are our pollinators and are too valuable to our environment and future food supplies, so please do not destroy the bees as much as possible.


We, at Xoto, also have vast experience with fogging warehouses and container ships. Fogging is the application of hot pyrethroid to rid premises of spiders, moths, mosquitos, cockroaches, and other winged insects. We use a machine that pours out the chemical in a very dense smoke that fills the void from top to bottom.

Homeowner Consultation

We want to offer all our customers this service that has been often neglected in the past. Most times, homeowners are never advised on post-build or post-purchase termite protection. We have encountered many who have invested money and effort on paving the perimeter of their house and are shocked when their termite protection warranty runs out. The most common option is to replenish the chemical barrier will be to drill the pavers and inject the chemical in the ground.  In many cases, this would damage the paving, or worse, damage pipework or electric cables.  We would like to give you options to save you this anguish by installing other systems..

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