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Signs of Rodent Activity

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Rodents can occupy several places in a home. Most baiting techniques are similar in respect to achieving control; probably, the volume of bait being laid is the main difference. Safety is common practice in all areas of baiting. Secondary targeted species are a priority to avoid: pet dogs, cats, kids’, birds or insects and other wildlife in the area and anything else that may consume the bait.

Here are a few examples of rodent activity.

An example of an entry point into the roof cavity by a rodent, note the dirty grease marks from constant activity into this hole.

Another entry point, note the gnaw marks to make the hole bigger for easier access.

Rodent faeces making a mess in the roof is a health hazard. Rodents urinate to leave pheromone trails that can tell them when a prospective mate is or a trail leading to a safe area or food source. The best way to keep them out of the roof space is to limit entry.

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